10 reasons why Noble Manhattan Coach Training courses are great value:

  • How credible is NMC? Noble Manhattan Coaching (NMC) is the biggest company of its kind in Europe and in the world top 4 - having trained more than 20,000 students over 30 countries - out of over 900 coaching training companies. It was founded in 1993 and is the longest established coach training company in the world outside of USA.
  • What does the course fee include? You get the complete course for the fee – no add-on costs for the tools of the trade etc which some companies have been known to demand. All you will need to fund additionally is your transport to/from the 3-day residential experience (Diploma courses). (Extra mentoring sessions/assessment retakes are subject to charge).
  • Where can I find details of the course fees? Simply contact us and we will provide you with current fees, including any offers running at the time. We will also provide you with information about our Accreditation for Prior Learning (APL) and discretionary bursary award schemes which could provide significant savings.
  • Why don't you publish your course fees on your website? 2 primary reasons: a). the fees are subject to currency fluctuations and market pressures across the range of countries in which we operate, and b). selection on price alone may hinder understanding about the value of such courses when compared to others. To learn more, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.
  • When can I start? Anytime. We don’t have specified start days.
  • Is there an attendance requirement? You progress through the course at your own speed and work where you want to. Where there is a classroom element (eg diploma residential experience), where possible we offer you a choice of dates/venues.
  • What support do you provide on course? We use a blended learning route for the majority of our training. For our diploma courses, this includes self study, live webinars, recorded teleclasses, a short (but full!) residential, 1-2-1 mentoring etc. We also provide a named course advisor so you can always get personal support..
  • What are the benefits of the blended learning approach? Blended learning allows students to work at their own pace and with the added resources to ensure a full and effective course, yet maintaining best value. Unlike classroom based learning, you can always revisit any teaching that you may not have fully grasped first time – not easy if you are one in a large class for a day. You can revisit the diploma’s residential element for free as often as you like.
  • What is accreditation? 2 elements to this answer:a). The courses are accredited/endorsed by internationally recognised bodies in the field of coaching – Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M). b). Personal accreditation indicates to clients that a coach has achieved a standard of training/experience recognised by the accrediting body and agrees to abide by the ethics of the profession. Note: The professional standing/status of the accreditor needs to be considered.
  • What is the quality of the course trainers? Our trainers are carefully selected for their abilities and experience. All of our trainers are Accredited Master Coaches (IAPC&M AMC) or above and have undergone a rigorous ‘train the trainer’ programme. Mentoring is provided on a 1-2-1 basis via Skype with appropriately accredited/experienced coach/mentors (IAPC&M Accredited Senior Coach). We also provide a named course advisor ready to help you throughout the course.
  • Self study can be difficult. How do you help?  Understanding that distance learning can be a lonely time, we provide a members’ area on our website where you can ‘chat through’ with like-minded students and also graduated coaches etc. Also you team up through ‘study buddy’ groups and there are fortnightly webinars for Diploma students.
  • Is there ongoing support following course completion? You become a member of the Noble Manhattan family which continues after you have graduated, enjoying free lifetime support.
  • Do you help with setting up my coaching business once I graduate? Yes we do. We provide support in setting up your own business and access to a variety of marketing tools, many of which are free or low cost. The prospect of the leap from student to running a professional coaching business can be daunting. We’re here to help. Why?....... because you matter.