Do you have
what it takes
to be a coach?


Are you looking for a career path, accreditation and advancement?

By studying to become a professional, internationally accredited coach, not only can you help clients find and take charge of their solutions and goals, but you will also unlock benefits for your own life too.

Teachers, Classroom Assistants and School Staff Members

Teachers, classroom assistants and other school staff are under increasing pressure to deliver not only academic curriculum but also to assist students in coping as they prepare for life in an ever changing world. Communication speeds advance, information is more prevalent, bringing increasingly rapid change. You want to help….. How? 

Coaching has been shown to be most helpful in such situations, underpinning other strategies such as mindfulness, positive thinking techniques and resilience.

Therapists, Counsellors, Mediators and support staff

Most Therapists, Counsellors and Mediators find that to have a ‘quiver of solutions’ allows them to help their clients more effectively and, importantly, attract more clients.

Becoming an accredited coach is an ideal solution for underpinning other strategies to provide an holistic service, and benefiting you and your business.

Coaching has been shown to be most helpful in underpinning other therapeutic strategies

Not yet convinced about choosing us? Perhaps a 100% Money Back Guarantee will help you decide! We believe we are the only coach training company in the world to offer this deal.

We are aware that the greatest fear of most people when they embark on a training course is that they will spend their valuable time and money and not learn anything useful or decide that such a route is not for them.

To show our confidence in our ability to deliver reliable, effective, great value training, we now offer a full refund of your payments if you are not happy with the course you have purchased.

How Does the Refund Work? If you are not fully satisfied with your course:1. Tell your course advisor within the first 3 months or prior to attendance at the Residential Experience/classroom training, if appropriate, whicheveris earlier. 2. Return the complete course to the UK office. 3. On receiptof the complete course, we will refund 100% of the payments you have made.So, you have absolutely nothing to lose when choosing a Noble Manhattancoach training course. Offer applies only to courses provided from 1December 2017 until further notice through IMJ Ltd.Guarantee: IMJ Ltd agrees to refund 100% of monies paid should the student wish to cancel the course provided that: The student has informed his course advisor of his notice to cancel as soon as possible and before 3 months have elapsed after course start or before any residential/classroom/mentor training has been attended whichever is sooner. The complete course has been returned to the UK office (see Registration form) at the student's expense.